Will a Wood Sign Fit Your Business?

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Wooden signs are a wonderful way for your business to easily exude rustic charm inside and out. Wooden signs are perfect to hang outside to attract customers in, or to mount on interior walls to uphold the charm as patrons enter the building. These custom signs can be tailor crafted to fit the style of your business and fully complete the vision that you always imagined.

Wood for a Custom Sign

One thing that holds business owners back when creating a custom sign completely out of wood is the sheer number of options. How do you know which material will look right, fit the aesthetic you’re envisioning, weather well in New York City? At Sign It we have years of experience creating custom signs completely out of wood for different businesses, buildings, and customers. You have several options when creating a custom sign, including ipe wood and mahogany, which are often chosen for their water-resistant qualities. Yet, the ultimate New York City staple for a wooden sign is reclaimed wood, as it offers a striking aesthetic for business looking to attract people with a rustic and warm charm.

Custom Lettering

Aside from choosing the material, business owners will sit down with Sign It to design custom lettering and logos to create a unique and inviting sign. Customers have several options when deciding on the custom lettering. The first is painted letters, which allows for your sign to be embellished with intricate patterns and details for a truly eye-catching design. The second is wooden lettering. Many business owners want to go all in when establishing the rustic character of their business and layering different woods is a sure way to cement your design aesthetic with sharp textures and rustic feels. The last two are illuminated letters and neon lettering. Both allow you to further customize your wooden sign by not only adding a pop of color but nighttime visibility as well.

Type of Custom Signs

As with every aspect of creating a custom sign out of wood, you can decide the style of the sign as well. Many of our customers, opt for long rectangular outdoor signs that span the length of their space to welcome customers in. Other’s have mounted a square sign to both the exterior and interior of their business. Whether you’re looking for a uniquely shaped sign, a hanging sign, or a simple classic style, you’re in good hands with the team at SingIt to achieve the charm you’ve always been searching for.

Sign It is an NYC based sign company with years of experience in designing custom signs, awnings, vestibules, and more. Contact us to get a quote on a custom wood sign today!

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