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Keep heat in and the cold wind out

What is a vestibule?

For those living in New York City, we know first-hand how harsh the weather can get. Adding a vestibule to your restaurant, building or retail storefront business is a great way to ensure that your customers stay warm during the fall and winter, keeping the heat in and the cold wind out. Custom vestibules are an enclosure that is placed at the door of an establishment to serve as a barrier between the indoors and outdoors. These can be placed either on the inside or outside of your establishment to protect customers from the cold, wind, and rain. No space is too large; we can cover entire patios and porches with our winter enclosures. Vestibules can also be used as a comfortable waiting area for your guests, especially in conjunction with a small heater. Another plus? It reduces heating costs. With every customer who walks through your front door, cold air rushes to your business. A vestibule protects the front door so there is no need to crank up the heat.

vestibule enclosures
custom vestibules

What vestibule options are available?

Our expert builders can create a custom vestibule to fit the needs of any restaurant, building or retail business! You can choose the number of windows, the materials, colors, optional skylights, and logos or designs that can make your vestibule unique, allowing your business to stand out on any crowded street. We can make your vestibule out of:

  • Canvas
  • Acrylic
  • Glass

Your vestibule shouldn’t just be functional — it should also be beautiful! We’ll help you to perfectly match your business’ aesthetic by making your winter enclosure any color you require. Your company’s logo can be added to the material or even onto the windows themselves using high-quality, vinyl decals. During the warmer months, we can disassemble and store your custom vestibule for as long as you like. Once the weather gets cold again, we will clean and reinstall it, just in time for the fall. We’ve built custom vestibules for Ladurée, Root & Bone Restaurant, and many other popular New York City establishments! Whether you’re in New York (including the entire NYC – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island), New Jersey, or Connecticut, we’ll make sure that your business is comfortable and beautiful.

custom vestibules
custom vestibules

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