Hanging Restaurant Signs Spice Up Any Storefront

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Hanging restaurant signs are a unique and tasteful way to promote your business and attract customers to your restaurant. At Sign It we have a selection of different styles and designs for business owners to realize their visions for their restaurant signs. Whether you’re looking for a rustic design or more modern approach, these hanging restaurant signs will be a unique and eye-catching beacon to expand your customer base and improve the aesthetic of your business.

Increasing Curb Appeal

There is nothing more charming than a hanging restaurant sign. These signs are playful, tasteful, eye-catching, and uniquely catered to the requests of each business. We know that New York City businesses may forgo aesthetic for location, therefore the decisions you make when decorating, both in and outside, will make all the difference. A prospect customer’s first impression of your restaurant will be based off the exterior of your space. Therefore, it is imperative that business owners recognize the importance of a unique and charming sign that will attract customers to their restaurant. The beauty of a hanging restaurant sign is its high visibility and customizable nature. Both your marketing and curb appeal will greatly benefit from its installation.

Increased Visibility and Marketing

Business owners may ask, why install a hanging sign when I could simply market my business on my awning or in my windows? In fact, installing a hanging sign shouldn’t discourage you from marketing on your awning or windows. Yet, it’s not enough to think like business owners when designing the exterior of your restaurant, you must think like a New York City business owner. Hanging signs have some of the highest visibility levels of the bunch, and in a city where both foot traffic and tourism are high, a sign visible on both sides is the key to attracting substantial numbers of customers into your space.

With time, your sign will become the focal point of your space and will easily distinguish it from other restaurant around you as it acts as a literal beacon for people passing by craving a bite to eat. Therefore, at Sign It we’ll assist you in designing the perfect marketing tool for your business including unique materials, fonts, and crucial information such as address, hours of operation, and contact information.

However you decide to utilize hanging signs, choose a business you trust with your restaurant. Sign It Ny has over a decade of experience servicing the broader NYC community for all things marketing and signs. Contact us today to get a custom quote.

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