Designing Channel Lettering for Your Restaurant Sign

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Some of the most successful restaurant signs are those designed with both the business and the customer in mind. You have a plethora of options when it comes to creating a custom restaurant signs, but one of the most eye catching and aesthetically pleasing of the bunch is channel lettering. Channel lettering is a 3-dimensional graphic sign element that displays your company’s name or logo. When mounted on the storefront, channel lettering is not only eye catching, but easily visible for around the clock advertisement. Channel lettering will instantly become of your company’s most effortless marketing tools while sprucing up even the most lacking storefront.

Restaurant Sign Materials

When designing a simple restaurant sign or awning, the graphics or lettering are simply printed onto the board, yet when working with channel lettering the business can hand pick their preferred material to completely fulfill the vision for their company. The different materials include stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, polycarbonate, and more. Each material and design suit a different company and exudes a unique charm, whether you’re looking for a more rustic aesthetic, or futuristic design, channel lettering can spruce up your restaurant sign for a cohesive finish.

Standard or Reverse Lit Channel Lettering

No matter the material or design you choose, the most commonplace channel lettering techniques for a restaurant sign are standard channel lettering and reverse lit channel lettering. While any method will achieve your desired look, the beauty of these two techniques is the added benefit of nighttime visibility. Standard lighting ensures that each letter glows from inside out, while reverse lit channel lettering displays a light shining onto the letter to create silhouetted “halo letters.” You want to design a sight that not only adds to your business’s aesthetic but attracts customers as well. While some businesses prefer a light box to ensure complete nighttime visibility, channel lettering can achieve the same effect while enhancing your business’s curb appeal.  

Sign It NY is a leader in creating custom restaurant signs in the NYC area and has worked with a range of businesses from restaurants to retail. See a few of our custom signs below:

Bison and Bourbon

channel lettering on restaurant sign

With the exposed brick and romantic arches, restaurant Bison and Bourbon wanted a sign that was at once visible but blended well with the rustic exterior of their business. The deep colors of both the channel lettering and the wooden sign stand out wonderfully against the red brick, making for an overall pleasing and charming visual.


channel lettering on supermarket sign

Being a successful suburban supermarket chain means you need high visibility day and night to attract prospective customers. The Seasons team opted for bright colors, like green and purple, that complemented the shade of the awnings. Their design and graphics are simple yet eye catching for an effect that is both welcoming but professional.

Contact Sign It for a custom quote for any of these designs as well as additional options on our website.

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