Light Boxes

Maximum nighttime visibility and visual appeal

What is a light box?

Ever wanted a way to constantly advertise your business? Lightbox signs, or illuminated signs, are considered a guaranteed way to attract attention, high foot traffic, and enhance customer reach. Due to low-visibility being one of the main variables costing businesses clients, these custom signs provide non-stop advertising, while making your business look more professional. A lightbox is a single or double-faced sign that is illuminated from within, designed for maximum nighttime visibility and visual appeal. Our custom lightbox signs are designed to give your business the attention that it deserves, driving foot traffic from the sidewalk and into your establishment. Ever notice how the most popular retailers all use lightbox signs? That’s because they work. Just the signage alone has contributed to their legacy and helped create brand awareness.

Custom signs
Custom signs

What light box options are available?


A standard lightbox sign is where the text and imagery are printed on a light, semi-transparent background allowing for the illumination of the entire sign. This is the most affordable option and is perfect for advertising your business at any time — day or night.


A stencil-cut lightbox is a sign made out of aluminum, where the letters and imagery are cut out and illuminated from the inside. The aluminum can be painted any color to perfectly match the style of your business. This higher-end lightbox can be used to give your business the same nighttime visibility as a standard lightbox but with a more elegant look.


Push-through lettering adds a layer of acrylic over the cut-out letters of a stencil-cut lightbox, giving another dimension to the lettering for a more sophisticated look.

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nyc signs

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