Hanging Signs

Viewable from two directions

What is a hanging sign?

Does a hanging sign on a business ever catch your eyes from miles away? Maybe it was for an ice cream shop that made you stop inside and check them out. A hanging sign (also called a swing sign) is an eye-catching double-sided sign attached to a storefront. It is viewable from two directions, ensuring that people will be able to clearly see your sign at far distances in highly congested areas, like the ever-crowded New York City streets. A hanging sign can have something as simple as your business’ logo to any information you want to relay to potential customers. It is an inexpensive yet effective way to create noticeable advertising to drive foot traffic directly to your business. We also specialize in making hanging lightboxes.

hanging sign
hanging sign

What hanging sign options are available?

Whether you want a hanging sign that is round or square, big or small, our experts can make signs in any shape or size that you want! We can make your swing signs out of:

  • Wood
  • PVC
  • Aluminum

Additionally, these signs can be:

  • Hand painted
  • Digitally printed
  • Screen printed

Custom colors are not a problem! You can have colorful logos or letters on your hanging sign with the option of 3D lettering or vinyl adhesive decals. For those who would like to add to the dazzle of New York City at night, our swing signs can be illuminated.

hanging sign
hanging sign

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