Lightbox Signs will Illuminate the Summer

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Lightboxes are the premiere tool to ensure your business is visible and viable all summer long. The New York City streets are chock full on an average day, but the summer is a new level of crowded. Instead of rushing to get out of the cold, pedestrians take their time enjoying the sun. Therefore, you need a simple and reliable way to catch their attention before your competitor down the block does it first. Lightbox signs are engaging, creative, and a sure-fire way to pique your customers’ interests. If your goal this summer is to boost sales and engagement, a lightbox sign is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

From Pedestrian to Patron

The summer marks a stark uptick in the amount of foot traffic in NYC. Not only are people more likely to spend more time outside, but tourists flock to the city during the warmer months. You have the unique opportunity to use the crowded streets to your advantage. A lightbox sign will literally illuminate your business from the outside. Not only will pedestrians want to look inside, but you’ll ensure they return again and again. A truly gorgeous lightbox sign is the aesthetic remedy to a business looking to increase foot traffic and customer engagement.

Light(box) Up the Nights

While awnings and regular signs get the job done, a lightbox sign ensures that your business is visible day or night! A simple awning is wonderful for daytime visibility but is easily overlooked when the sun goes down. With a lightbox sign, customers will have easy access to your information no matter the time of night. Use the lightbox as a literal beacon of light to invite customers into your space and boost sales. When throngs of people are walking down the block, they’ll bypass the shaded and dark signs and head straight to the business with the warm and inviting storefront.  

The Lightbox Sign That Never Sleeps

In the city that never sleeps, you need a sign that doesn’t sleep either. Long after business close up for the night, many New Yorkers are still out and about. That’s your chance to capitalize on the forgotten marketing hour, 2 in the morning. Just because you’re not in your brick and mortar location, doesn’t mean that you sign can’t market for you. A lightbox sign ensure that no matter the time of day, hours of operation, or location your business will always be at the top of its game when it comes to marketing and visibility.

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