Rain to Shine with Retractable Awnings

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Get your storefront the retractable awning it deserves before the summer hits full swing. An awning is a MUST for boosting traffic and marketing your business, especially with increased foot traffic on the NYC streets. Whether you’re using it to shield patrons from the rain, or to maximize space in the shade, you’ll thank your lucky stars for the day you installed at retractable awning for your NYC business.

Unpredictable Weather

The summer is an unpredictable time of year. Within the same minute that it thunders, the sun comes out to shine. You need a versatile tool to help your storefront move with the time and weather. A retractable awning is the premiere tool that will get you through a summer storm or a mid-day scorching. Whether you opt for the motorized awning system or remote-control system you get the best of open skies and covered seating space. Not only will a retractable awning give your storefront a dynamic feel but gives you the ability to accommodate you clientele at a moment’s notice.  

Retractable Awnings in NYC

New York City shoppers are always on the prowl for something new. In the city that never sleeps your storefront needs a wow-factor to attract the attention you’re looking for. Retractable awnings in NYC need to be loud and proud. The Mom & Pop stencil signs simply won’t cut it anymore. When you work with SignIt NY you’ll be engaged toward designing a work of art that will attract locals and tourists alike. Retractable awnings in NYC offers a quaint aesthetic while creating a vibrant storefront with pops of color. Your brand name will be front and center, whether you decide to have the awning fully open or not.

Summer Marketing Opportunity

Marketing your storefront and business is they key to boosting your sales and customer engagement. But the summer is truly your chance to shine. NYC winters can be harsh and awnings in NYC often go under appreciated when prospective clients are rushing to get out of the cold. Take advantage of the heavily trafficked streets to attract customer with an eye -catching retractable awning. When the sun is shining, people are more likely to be strolling down the street. Therefore, you must ensure that your storefront is equipped with the awning to get those strollers into your business.

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