Beyond Shade with Retractable Awnings

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If you thought the sole purpose of a retractable awning was to provide shade, then think again! There are a plethora of advantages to installing a retractable awning for your business that goes beyond simply blocking out the sun. Imagine your business’s retractable awning could lower your utility cost, well it can! From advertising to space expansion, learn how critical installing a retractable awning is to your business before writing it off as a glorified umbrella.

A Retractable Roof

We all know how tight space is for NYC businesses. When push comes to shove, chances are your business is scrambling for an inch here and there. Yet, what if we told you there was an inexpensive way to physically expand your business at will. The answer: retractable awnings. When you install a retractable awning, suddenly you have a few shaded square feet at your disposal to fill with tables and chairs for outdoor seating. Rather than losing out on that beautiful sidewalk space, now you can utilize every inch of your property to cater to your clientele.   

Retractable Awning Appeal

Not every business is fortunate enough to land a space inside a renovated marble-floored bank. Some are scrambling to spruce up their storefront exterior, even after expending countless efforts on the interior. That’s where our handy retractable awnings come in. With a fresh design harnessed to your storefront, you’ll increase curb appeal by a metric of three avocado toasts (that’s a lot). In all seriousness, adding a pop of color to your storefront not only adds aesthetic value to your space but is eye-catching for potential clients as well.

Awning Advertising

As the premiere NYC sign shop, when we see an opportunity for a sign, we jump. There is no better way to market your business than having your information on your retractable awning. Not only does it add character to your storefront, but it makes your information available and accessible. 

Retract Those Utility Bills

As with vestibules, retractable awnings are your ticket to lowering your utility costs. We still can’t tell which season is harshest, all we know is it’s about to get cooler. With the steady rise of temperatures, comes the steady rise of utility bills as you pump your business with A/C. But retractable awnings offer one thing above all, SHADE! (We had to mention it.) That means your windows, and by extension patrons, won’t be flushed with the blistering sun. By installing a retractable awning, you ensure that the interior of your store is always at the right temp and that your utility bills aren’t through the awning.  

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