Banners, the Most Visible Marketing Tool

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When the rest of your marketing strategy falls to the waste side, outdoor business signs are the way to go for sure-fire marketing and ultimate brand visibility. Banners are low cost and low liability, while being high in brand visibility and recognition. Think back to giants in the marketing industry like Nike or Coca Cola. A banner with a simple swooping check will make the athletic brand millions in revenue, while polar bears in front of a red banner will send soft drink sale skyrocketing. Business owners may shy away from investing in outdoor business signs as they may seem costly and high risk. At Sign It we will work with you to ensure your business gets the quality banner they deserve at a reasonable price.

Outdoor Sign Parameters

You have a plethora of options when it comes to designing indoor or outdoor business signs. Sign It can create custom banners with virtually zero restrictions, from height, width, level of sophistication or simplicity. If you need an enormous banner Sign It can create one large enough to wrap around a bus or an entire building!

Outdoor Sign Materials

Outdoor business signs are typically made of vinyl and are used to advertise sales or grand openings, yet the marketing doesn’t stop there. Banners can either be temporary bulletin boards to announce a passing event, or long-term staples on building side perpetually announcing real estate prices, or high selling products. While business owners can opt for a low cost, temporary option, perfect for indoor and outdoor use, they can also choose from premium quality materials, like mesh, for a long-lasting design built to withstand wind and severe weather.

Outdoor Sign Designs

Sign It banners are printed in UV ink to ensure that every banner is highly durable and visible despite harsh weather, constant sun, rain or snow! Whether you’re announcing the restocking of a profitable products, or of a future building renovation, Sign It will ensure that your banner will be visible and durable during any weather. Colors are an important and eye-catching way to attract attention and pique customer’s interests. At Sign It we will work with your company to design a banner with the correct color combinations that not only fits your business aesthetic but are pleasing to the eye as well.

Sign It is a NYC based sign company with years of experience in designing custom signs, awnings, vestibules, and more. Contact us to get a quote on a custom outdoor sign today!

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