Summer Sun Needs a Custom Awning

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We look forward to summer all year! Kids are out of school, the sun is shining when we get out of work, but most importantly, store owners know that summer is the time to boost both sales and foot traffic. There are a few tips to keeping your numbers up, but we’d like to suggest a simple and effective route to get you successfully through the summer: a custom awning. At SignIt we have seen the positive results that an awning has on a business’s aesthetic and customer engagement. From its marketing advantages to the extension of space and seating, custom awnings are the way to go this summer.

Awnings Drive Foot Traffic

Foot traffic, especially in big cities like New York, sees a positive boost during the summer months. More people on the roads means more possibilities for clients engagement outside of your “usual customer” base. We’d all like to say we don’t judge books by their covers but let’s drop the act! Store awnings are no exceptions, and if you want to attract customers you need to maintain a pleasing a welcoming store front. Customer awnings are a simple and effective way to market your name, number, and address to prospective customers. The beauty in custom awnings is your freedom to create whichever aesthetic you feel best embodies your business.

Relax in the Custom Awning Shade

New York City is not known for its rolling hills and wide open expanses. In fact, store owners are constantly looking for clever ways to maximize on space. During the winter one might install a temporary vestibule  for outdoor seating in the cold, but the summer presents a new set of challenges. During the colder months you may install propane heaters, there isn’t yet an air condition equivalent for the summer. We would like to suggest a wide and retractable awning perfect for outdoor seating and blocking the sun. Therefore, not only will store owners’ free up space for more clients, but customers will have a pleasing experience whether they be inside or outside, despite the warm sun.

Post Winter Face-Lift

Awnings do not have an easy job. Yes, all they have to do is hang there, but with months of freezing weathers, strong winds, snowstorms, and the like, they might be more resilient than we think. Awnings endure harsh weather over the winter and you owe it to your storefront to do some aesthetic touch-ups now that it’s not half covered in snow. Welcome the summer sun and summer customers with a storefront that looks and feels ready for business.

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