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Unfortunately, you can’t revamp your awning with every new season, but what you can do is spruce up the interior of your space with indoor signs when the summer rolls around. Keep your restaurant or retail space up to date with seasonal colors, deigns, and themes. Unlike awnings and fixed sign décor, indoor signs are easily moved, stored, and redisplayed when the time is right. When the weather starts to warm up, display colorful and tropical indoor signs with summer sales and colors. Conversely during the winter make your space feel warm and cozy with inviting signs highlighting topical products and winder sales.

Coloring Your Indoor Signs

Color plays an enormous role in attracting customers all year long. Color creates the sense of urgency or relaxation in an environment. The color you choose can influence the number of products a customer purchases, their mood, and even how much time they spend in your store or restaurant. Therefore, learning to channel both mood and color, in conjunction with seasonal change, is the sweet spot for maintaining business all year long. Indoor signs are a simple, cost effective, and highly customizable way to create a summery vibe in your space. You’ll work with Sign It to highlight seasonal products, sales, etc that a fit a summery theme to lighten up your business.

Highlighting Products with Indoor Signs

Spring and summer are the perfect time to reshuffle some merchandise and display all your seasonal items, food or otherwise. The warmer seasons are the time for both the great outdoors and the cool indoors. If you, for example, have a shipment of camping gear or outdoor supplies, use the versatile design of indoor signs to market your seasonal products. Similarly, if you own a restaurant with seasonal food items, such as ice coffees or ice creams, have Sign It create custom indoor signs to market these products that customers may overlook during their busy morning routine. Patron’s may get into a habit of walking into a business with tunnel vision, using colorful and eye-catching signs is the perfect way to market your products and open your customer’s eyes to all your business has to offer.

Indoor Sign Highlights  

Sign It has years of experience in create both indoor and outdoor signs. Below are a few that might serve as inspiration for your own businesses:

Smile Hello- These fun colors and geometric design are both inviting and exciting. The use of indoor signs not only adds to the flavor of the business but makes for a dynamic and eye-catching space as well.


BH Photo- This easily customizable and eye-catching marketing strategy acts as a wall of fame to display high selling products such as printers and cameras. This simple and effective strategy is easily customizable for both seasonal items and sales.


Sign It is an NYC based sign company with years of experience in designing custom signs, awnings, vestibules, and more. Contact us to get a quote on a custom wood sign today!

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