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With staffing shortages, many businesses are adding a wide variety of hiring packages and employee benefits to attract more applicants. However, businesses are also making more subtle changes to improve the overall appeal of their company. Some of these changes involve business processes, but many are far more straightforward.

Since most employees have to spend their entire workdays in an office, it only makes sense to design an office space that is fun, modern, and visually appealing. Even people who work from home often want to make their offices more cheerful and easy on the eyes. So, whether you work in a home office or a traditional office space, one simple and cost-effective way to improve your workplace is to install a wall decal.

However, if you are not familiar with wall decals, you may wonder if they will be a good long-term investment for you. For example, what are some good reasons to use wall decals in your office? What are some creative ideas for office decals? Do decals have any negative effects on standard office walls? Finally (and perhaps most importantly) what is a wall decal?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more. So, let’s get started!

What Is A Wall Decal?

Wall decals are often confused with stickers, and while they do function in similar ways, there are some very important differences. First and foremost, a wall decal can be placed on your wall and then later moved to one or more different locations. The same cannot be said of a traditional sticker. Once you place a sticker on a wall or similar surface, the sticky material is very difficult (or even impossible) to reuse on a different surface.

Wall decals work well because they are typically made of soft PVC-vinyl. This makes them adherent to different kinds of surfaces (including walls made of varying materials), but they do not use a sticky adhesive that quickly dries. For this reason, wall decals are often known as “vinyl stickers.”

In any case, wall decals can encompass a wide range of designs, from inspirational quotes to fun wall graphics. You can customize wall decals to fit the needs of your office, or you can go with premade designs to save a little extra time and money. Either way, wall decals offer an easy way to decorate an interior space quickly without investing in more expensive redesign materials like paint or wallpaper.

4 Reasons To Use Wall Decals In Your Office

We’ve already gone over a few benefits of using wall decals, but it is still important to understand exactly what they can bring to your office. So, let’s examine a few of the top reasons to use wall decals in your office space:


It is not always easy to find ways to improve and promote your brand. Fortunately, using logo wall decals and corporate wall murals can help make your office a reflection of your company. You can even customize your wall decals to show the exact words, images, and values that best represent your brand.

Employee Morale

Whether you work solo or with a team of people, employees are the people who will be in the office more than anyone else. So, why not make the office a brighter, more cheerful place to work? Wall decals are a great option because they improve the visual appeal of your office without the need for permanent changes. In other words, if you feel that your office could use a makeover to improve employee morale, removable wall decals make it easy to do so in a matter of minutes!

First Impressions

Depending on the type of business you manage, you might need to host clients in your office on a regular basis. If you are trying to impress new clients, a visually appealing office can go a long way. After all, most people will form an impression of your business within the first few seconds of stepping in the front door. A drab, dull office could create a bad first impression. Alternatively, a well-decorated office could actually help attract and keep more clients.


Every office needs to be refurbished from time to time. Unfortunately, completely changing the look of your office can get very expensive, very quickly. With wall decals, you can do a partial refurbishment for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, wall decals can serve as a good way to postpone more costly changes to your office, reducing the need to do complete office makeovers frequently and saving you a lot of money in the process.

Office Wall Decal Ideas

Now that you know a little more about wall decals and their benefits in an office, let’s look at a few ideas to get you started:

  • Logo Wall Decals – One of the best ways to improve branding is to promote your business imagery within your own office. Logo decals display your company logo and help turn your office into a true reflection of your business.
  • Inspirational Quotes – If you want to improve employee morale and set a standard for your company values, you can use inspirational quotes around your office to accomplish both goals at the same time.
  • Corporate Murals – Corporate murals and wall wraps are essentially larger versions of logo decals that can display more complex business images for branding purposes. These larger decals are especially good for lobbies, entrances, and conference rooms.
  • Employee Designs – Finally, you might consider letting your employees design their own custom wall decals to display in their personal offices or cubicles. This will help your employees turn their work areas into a home away from home!

Will Wall Decals Ruin The Walls?

Generally speaking, wall decals will not ruin your walls. In fact, decals are specifically designed to be placed and then removed when needed (unlike adhesive stickers). However, this does not mean that you can just rip your decal off the wall at any time. You will need to be careful when placing and removing wall decals to avoid any kind of damage.

Removable wall decals for offices are made to adhere to different wall types without causing any damage to paint, wallpaper, brick, plaster, or drywall. However, when removing your wall decal, you will want to work slowly and gently to prevent any incidental wall damage (especially if it is attached to a painted wall). It is generally recommended to start peeling the wall decal at the top right corner and pull downward and toward the left. In most cases, you can peel your wall decal off slowly without any problems.

Just remember that the temperature and humidity in your office could cause decals to become more difficult to remove. If you notice that the decal is difficult to peel away, don’t force it. Instead, use heat (like a hairdryer) to reduce the stickiness between the wall and decal. Then, you can slowly peel the decal away as the heat takes effect. This should greatly reduce the risk of causing any damage to your wall.

Do you want to transform your office and help improve the quality of your brand? Are you looking for an affordable solution to improve employee morale and draw more clients to your business? If so, be sure to reach out to Sign It to design custom wall decals for your business today!

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