Winter Vestibule Uses

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Winter vestibules populate the streets of NYC and other major U.S. cities during the cold winter months. If you’ve spent anytime walking around an American city that gets particularly cold in the winter, you’ve probably seen dozens or perhaps even hundreds of winter vestibules in front of businesses, government buildings, and residential properties. As temperatures drop, property owners want to make sure that their staff, clientele, and even passersby feel safe and comfortable as they enter or exit the building. A temporary winter vestibule is one of the most accessible, most affordable, and most effective solutions.

But how can a winter vestibule enclosure actually benefit your business? What are the different uses of a winter vestibule? Can winter vestibules be beneficial to government buildings? What about vestibules for apartment buildings? Finally, where can you get a custom winter vestibule for your property? In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, so let’s get started!


Restaurant owners frequently implement vestibules during the winter months. Why? Because restaurants are more likely to have people waiting outside for a table. When it’s cold or the weather is generally unfavorable, a vestibule can help keep patrons comfortable while they wait. If you don’t have some kind of vestibule winter shelter, you may find that some customers are unwilling to stick around when temperatures get too low or precipitation starts. This means a winter vestibule could help you maintain a strong revenue and retain more customers, even when the weather is not working in your favor.

Eateries also have to be cleaner than many other kinds of businesses. With regular health inspections, restaurant owners have an obligation to keep their business sanitary for both staff and customers. Though a winter vestibule cannot make up for good cleaning practices, it can help protect the entrance of the restaurant from excessive dust and dirt coming in from the street. It also makes it harder for larger bugs and rodents from getting inside the building. Over time, this will likely help a restaurant owner build better health ratings and a reputation for providing a clean eating environment for patrons.


Small and medium-sized businesses have varying foot traffic levels based on location, industry, and general appeal. Most retail businesses get a fair amount of foot traffic, and depending on the size and layout of the store, controlling the flow of movement can be key to maintaining daily business operations organized. For example, if too many customers enter the store at once, it could be difficult to attend to them properly. A winter vestibule can help ease the flow of trafficking by funneling customers through the entrance, giving your staff extra time to keep your business operations organized.

Additionally, you will want to consider the aesthetics and overall appeal of your storefront. In many cases, a vestibule can amplify the visual appeal of your storefront with designs that fit your brand. This can help attract even more customers whenever you have your vestibule in place. For this reason, many businesses install a winter vestibule and end up using it throughout the year.

Office Buildings

Not every commercial location need to have customers entering and leaving at all times to justify a winter vestibule. In fact, winter vestibules are also a great addition for low-traffic office buildings, as they can offer protection for staff members as they arrive or leave. For instance, if it’s raining or snowing, your employees may want a space to ring out their umbrella, take off their raincoats, and generally prepare themselves to enter the office. This way, employees don’t need to track water or mud into the office or feel unsuitable for the workplace.

Alternatively, many employees may want a place to wait outside of the office building. Some employees may take public transportation while others might get a ride from a friend or family member. In either case, they’ll need a safe, dry place to wait when the weather is cold and wet.

Public Buildings

Public buildings like schools, libraries, recreation centers, and courts can all benefit from vestibules, particularly during cold winter months. Naturally, buildings that get the most people coming through every day will have a greater need for vestibules. However, winter vestibules also help local governments show that they are working to provide comfort and safety to the general public. Local public agencies and institutions can use winter vestibules to provide a comfortable entryway to their buildings, making them more appealing to everyone in the area.

Vestibules are especially useful for schools. While most schools have some kind of overhang to protect the bus and carpool drop-offs, a vestibule is an even better solution once the weather gets cold. Rather than waiting outside, multiple students can stay warm until they’re ready to leave for the day. This also works well for students who arrive before the school has opened its doors and want to stay comfortable while they wait.


Hotels are notorious for having a lot of people coming in and out, often at all hours of the day and night. While this is indicative of a thriving hotel business, it also means that the front door will rarely stay closed for long. This can be an issue in both hot and cold climates. When the weather is warm, the door opening and closing frequently forces your hotel lobby staff to turn up the air conditioning just to maintain a comfortable temperature. When the weather is cold, you will have to do the same with the heating.

It goes without saying that spending more on air conditioning and heating is not good for a hotel’s bottom line. Fortunately, an outdoor vestibule is a great way to reduce the cost of utilities by creating a barrier between your front entrance and the harsh temperature outside. Whether you opt for a winter vestibule or a year-round vestibule, you could end up saving a lot on your monthly utility bill.

Residential Apartment Buildings

Most residential apartment buildings need to have a covered entrance to accommodate the residents’ needs. For instance, a covered entrance can ensure that packages left outside do not get damaged when it is raining or snowing. Additionally, residents may need to wait outside or have friends wait outside for a few minutes at a time. Without a winter vestibule, this could get very uncomfortable.

A winter vestibule is ideal for a residential edifice that does not already have some kind of overhang at the entrance. Even if there is an overhang, a vestibule can still provide greater protection from the elements. In addition to getting protection from precipitation, anyone waiting in the vestibule does not need to be exposed to extreme temperatures. Lastly, landlords will want to make sure that people are not tracking in snow, mud, or dirt whenever they enter the building. A winter vestibule can give people a few extra steps to clean off their feet and reduce damage to the interior flooring.

Do you want to transform your business and help improve the quality of your brand? Are you looking for an affordable solution so that customers and passersby can stay safe and warm outside of your storefront? If so, be sure to reach out to Sign It to design and install the perfect winter vestibule for your business today!

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