Vehicle Graphics, the Mobile Marketer

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It’s no question, we’d all like to advertise our growing business on billboards in the middle of Time Square. You couldn’t get prime real estate like that anywhere else! While we may not all be as lucky to advertise in the big leagues, there may be a way to ensure you have great exposure and marketing space to promote your business without breaking the bank. The answer lies in vehicle graphics.  Whether it be a storage space, delivery truck, or collaborative initiative applying marketing graphics to your vehicle might be the exposure your business needs to grow your clientele.

Ability to Customize

The beauty of vehicle graphics is your ability to design and customize not only the color and style, but the information present as well. Prospect customers will easily learn who you are, where you are, and how you can be reached with vehicle graphics. Whether crawling through traffic or parked for the night, a car with vehicle graphics serves as a 24/7 marketing platform. Whereas your business may only be active a few hours during the day, vehicle graphics will attract customers to your business around the clock.

Delivery Trucks

There is a plethora of ways to utilize vehicle graphics, the first of which should be a delivery truck. You might be delivering food or merchandise around your area, but you most probably serve a comprehensive group of clienteles in other neighborhoods as well. Having a delivery truck with customer vehicle graphics that spans uptown to downtown or from one area in Brooklyn to the next is the perfect opportunity to spread your name and mission statement to unfamiliar audiences.

Mobile Storage

The second is a mobile storage space that many businesses own, but few utilize to their full marketing potential. Say you’re a construction company that’s constantly on the move. Chances are you have a sizable truck full of tools, wood, and other materials. Instead of leaving the exterior blank, customize it with vehicle graphics so that you’ll gain more customers whether the truck is parked outside a construction zone, or driving through the city.

Customer Collaborations

Lastly, you may be trying to make it big in another city completely and have yet to break the marketing ice. A great way to gain exposure in a new city is to collaborate with drivers to market your business on their cars. Which you pay to revamp their vehicle in a custom graphic, they will act as the mobile ambassador of your incoming business.

However you decide to utilize custom vehicle graphics, choose a business you trust with your vehicle. Sign It Ny has over a decade of experience servicing the broader NYC community for all things marketing and signs.

Contact us today to get a custom quote.

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