Retractable Awnings from Summer to Fall

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As we transition seasons, a storefront’s retractable awnings needs to change with the times as well. After months of harsh conditions on both spectrums, your storefront deserves a little TLC. From fresh colors to renewed marketing efforts, a retractable awning will revive your storefront even if the summer is over. As the premier sign company servicing NYC businesses, we’ve seen how a retractable awning can propel a business and their revenue forward. Keeping up with the times and the seasons has never been easier by installing a retractable awning.

Retractable Awnings TLC

Contrary to popular belief, retractable awnings aren’t as durable as your grandpa’s Levi’s. Awnings are colorful, useful, affordable, but they’re certainly aren’t eternal. After six months of freezing winds, four months of scorching sunlight, and two months of something in between, your retractable awning could use a spa day. As time goes on you may notice small tears, fading of color, and even graphic distortion. Having to install a new retractable awning doesn’t reflect badly on your sign company, instead it proved how touch NYC weather is! That’s why once fall comes around, business owners should consider greeting the new season with a fresh retractable awning and signage to match.

Fall Ambiance

Fall offers customers a three-week window to enjoy steaming soup while still sitting outside in comfort. Unlike winter, which sends everyone running for heat, or summer when sends everyone running for AC, fall is perfectly in-between. That’s why setting the ambiance for outdoor seating is paramount and a retractable awning will do just that! Not only does an awning section off a more intimate space for tables and chairs but offers you the ability to hang lights and fixtures. Your outdoor arrangements will be the first line of defense to attract customers to your business. Having a cozy and welcoming lights display from your retractable awning will certainly seal the deal every time.  

Cleanliness Above All

Fall can be a charmed season, though it can be a windy season as well. In order to protect patrons from flying leaves and other unsavory things (namely bird droppings) retractable awnings are the simple solution. Whether you run a storefront or restaurant, customers queuing outside will certainly appreciate the protection from the elements and UFOs.

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