Light Boxes will Illuminate your Business

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You see light boxes everywhere, whether you’re aware of it or not! They may be brightening the exterior of your local movie theater or notifying customers of the latest sales at a major retail stores. But light boxes aren
light boxes ’t designed just for large corporations, even small businesses can benefit from the installation of a light box. These highly visible signs will work day and night to attract patrons off the sidewalk and into your business.

What is a Light Box?

A light box is single or double faced sign that is illuminated from within which broadcasts your company name, logo, location, etc. While designed for maximum nighttime visibility, light boxes are an eye catching and visibly appealing way to advertise new merchandise, sales, or company wide announcements.  Our light boxes are designed to give your business attention and turn passing foot traffic into a loyal customer base.

What Light Box Options are Available?

Whether you’re opening a storefront, redesigning a space, or simply browsing for décor options, you might feel overwhelmed with the prospects. We’ve made it simpler by giving you a breakdown of the different designs and options you have when investing in a light box.

Standard Light Boxes:

A standard light box is the most affordable design for this product in which any text or design is printed directly on the light. This product includes a semi-transparent background which allows the entire sign to be illuminated and design visible. We have worked with several business to create custom designed standard light boxes with colors and themes to match any business. The standard light box allows you to market your business, day or night, in a new and eye-catching way.

Stencil Cut Light Box:

The stencil cut light box takes your design to a new depth to become one of the most elegant and high-end ways to advertise your business. This product features a stencil-cut light box made of aluminum in which the letters and imagery are cut out and illuminated from the inside. We will work with you to find the correct colors and designs to achieve a detailed and nuanced design that represents your business.

Push Through Lettering:

Push through lettering adds a more dynamic and eye-catching element to your light box. Instead of cutting out letters and designs, this option allows you to add an additional layer of acrylic over the letter of the stencil cut light box to give your deign an added depth.

Sign It is a NYC based sign company servicing the greater New York City area. We specialized in everything from signs to vestibules and more. Contact us to get a custom quote to install a light box today!

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