Brooklyn Awnings and Beyond!

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We don’t want to alarm you or anything, BUT AWNINGS ARE A BIG DEAL! From their marketing value to their aesthetic improvement awnings can instantly give your business a financial and aesthetic facelift. From varying color to unique design, awnings are surprising storytellers and can alert prospect customers to the voice and flavor of your business. Don’t believe us? Is the restaurant with a neon purple awning a business that’s trying to play it safe? Across the five boroughs there are companies pushing the envelope for what it means to install an awning and change the look of your business. From Brooklyn awnings to Manhattan restaurant signs we’re highlighting a few standout (pun-intended) awnings to not only give you a little inspiration, but a boost of courage as well!

Le Buffet Awning- Brooklyn


If you’ve ever read about color psychology, you’ll know red is a huge receptor for hunger. It’s no wonder why enormous corporations, such as McDonalds and Coca-Cola have basically patented the color, it hikes up sales. You might not even want to consider a single shade of red in your awning for risk of looking like a fast food restaurant, but Le Buffet rose to the challenge. The art of using bright colors in your exterior design is to use them tastefully and sparingly. Their awning is short, complements the text, and adds a bright color to the façade without taking away from the overall aesthetic. Moral of this Brooklyn awning story: use color wisely for a surprisingly calm design.

Sweet Expression Awning- Brooklyn


Remember when we were talking about your awning showing off the flavor of your company? Sweet Expressions models this concept with their bright, colorful, and young awning. As a candy story, a business that will primarily attract kids toting their parents to the door, they needed a design with enough zest to make any child want to step inside. Moral of this Brooklyn awning story: design an awning that both caters to your crowd and reflects the character of your business.

Pasquale Jones Awning- Manhattan


We think their awning is the equivalent of when your shoes match your purse, or tool box matching your baseball cap. There is something wonderful and alluring about matching your outdoor furniture to the color of your awning. Pasquale Jones opted for a retractable awning with a muted color that didn’t take away from the already vibrant exposed brick of the exterior. The color and font of their restaurant name adds a pop of color and is eye-catching against the overall grey hue. Morale of this Manhattan awning: your colors don’t need to scream to get attention. Work with the natural beauty of your building to create a design that fits with the landscape.

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